SVMH Brilliant Expectancy - (aka Brill)

Amberfields Luminescence x Justin Silk - buckskin filly
(26.04.2017) - AMHA No. 193474 

This spring brought us the ultimate joy to see our first own breeding cross and I must say, I am absolutely thrilled with this foal! Brill caught the attention of many people already the first day I posted her photos on our Facebook page and she had a visitor within 2 weeks of her birth and has been stealing the hearts of many people ever since… 

IMG 4092

Brill inherited all good traits from both parents: she is super intelligent, completely trusting, interested and friendly, really eager to please and quick to learn. Her gaits are well balanced and dynamic, she is compact with straight good bones like her dam and loves cuddles. She is gracious and almost fairytale-like as her sire… Her thick frosted mane will be an eye-catcher!

2017-07-27 at 17-47-08

She stands for trimming, grooming, vaccines, leads well and is altogether a very good girl :)

2017-07-27 at 17-04-59

Dam: Justin Silk / AMHA No. 193016

2011 buckskin mare
(Mossrose Triumphant x Malloflax Material Girl)

IMG 2999

Sire: Amberfields Luminescence / AMHA No. 177512

2007 dappled metallic cremello stallion 15.2
(Amberfields Desperado x C J Buttercup)

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