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Reserve your own colorful foal with us:

If your dream has been a colorful Morgan foal, then this is your opportunity to book it in advance! With our three mares and our cremello stallion we are guaranteed to throw color all the time: palomino, buckskin, smokey black, cremello is all you can choose from!

Breeding Poster

You can select a particular mare that you would like to have a foal from, or the foal's gender and / or color, and book it in advance to have the first choice by making a deposit of EUR 500. Prices will be determined after the foals are born. 

If we do not have the foal of your choice in the first year, your deposit will be passed onto the following year, and if within two years we are not able to give you the foal of your dream, we will refund your deposit. There's no risk.

We are happy to send your our foal purchase agreement for review.

If you are interested in purchasing or reserving any of our foals, or you have any questions regarding our future breeding plans, please contact us on the following link

Looking forward to serving you in finding your colorful dream Morgan horse! 

We proudly present our first foals born in Hungary at ShannonVale Morgans

A breeding program is not fully launched until the first foals "hit the ground"… Having launched our breeding program 3 years ago, we have the pleasure to announce that the following Morgan foals were born on Hungarian soil and as such making history since the spring of 2016.

Click on the pictures below to see more info on the particular foal:

First sales - our SVMH foals go international :) 

french flag

SVMH Brilliant Expectancy (Brill) is SOLD to FRANCE!

Brill on the road

Here is the story of the day: Francoise de Palo and her husband Marc made it a point to arrive on Brill’s 1st birthday, 26th April (they had never met her before) - what a nice start by celebrating their life together...

Brill and Francoise

We had a such fun time together for two (very short!) days talking about our love for the Morgan horse while sharing some good food and tasting Hungarian wine... 

Lyon is really far, so I thought maybe I should try and contact Elke from EMMH in Austria, if she could possibly accomodate them for one night on their way back, and she immediately offered her help! I should add that I actually have never met her personally, we only made friends via FB and talked over the phone a few times... but Morgans just seem to bond people together and forge friendships... So, I admit I was a bit jealous of these lucky French people to have an opportunity to visit them...
Then Friday evening Francoise casually asks me: “Why don’t you come with us? You can take a train back the next morning...” To which my husband said: “Yes, I think you should go!” I was reluctant to leave the farm and even more reluctant to ask another favour from Elke, but they insisted to talk to her... and when she said: “Yes, just come!” - I could no longer resist to pass up on this golden opportunity! 

So Saturday morning we walked out with Brill on our bumpy dirt road to load her near the main country road. Thanks to the gentle and gradual preparation she was loading really well. And off we drove to Emperor Mountains Morgan Horses in Tirol! 

Brill loaded

Even a long drive with a yearling filly in the back of the truck like this passes quickly in good company! Brill was quickly finding out how to balance herself and was calmly eating her hay… 

We were given a genuinely warm Tirolian welcome by Elke and Claus. Even the peacocks sounded their “trumpets” upon our arrival. Brill could finally strech out her tired legs after the long haul tasting the alpine grass on the pasture and was put into a box for the night to take a rest while we enjoyed Elke’s wonderful hospitality. 

Brill at Elke's

She loaded very easily the following morning and after the three of us ladies shed a quick tear, I waved a happy goodbye to our little SVMH girl - I do have a Brilliant Expectancy for her future!

Thank you Francoise! Thank you Marc! Thank you Elke and Claus !

german flag

SVMH Risen To Shine (Risen) is SOLD to GERMANY! 

My next “travelog” is about Risen’s journey to Germany - and equally happy story!

IMG 6354 (1)

Only one full day of recovery for me after saying goodbye to Brill and we had to get ready for another departure nonetheless exiting...

Emily Alterbaum and her mother came to visit us on Risen's 2nd birthday and her mind was made up quickly!

Our two year old colt was being picked up by the same horse transport company that we had our horses delivered by to our farm - so I knew they were really good and reliable. The challenge was the threatening thunderstorm that has been all around us on Sunday wit
h hail the size of walnuts... I was exercizing my faith and prayed hard (like I did many times last year) commanding the storm to move far from our valley! “If you have a mustard seed of faith you can command the mountain to jump into the sea” - and I have experienced that bold prayer like that is answered! So it was this time again - the torrential rain with lightning and thunder went past us: it was no short of a miracle! 

Risen leaving

The truck arrived at midnight to the main road, and like we did with Brill, we led Risen out on foot in the dark with only the full moon helping us to arrive at a huge horse truck with 9 horses already inside neighing and loudly thumping their hooves on the floor - we could hear it from a distance... 

Risen was calm and simply curious, took all of that hussle in his stride: he walked on the ramp without any hesitation whatsoever - what trust! As soon as he was safely tied in position he started to make friends with his neighbor! The back of the truck closed after him and off they rolled with him to his destination in north of Germany, near Hamburg…

Risen goodbye

Risen arrived safe and sound to his new home early evening on Tuesday after a twelve hour stop in Munich. Looking at the smile on Emily Alterbaum’s face upon her Morgan’s arrival sent tears to my eyes... Risen was also given a friendly welcome by the family’s two geldings and he quickly learn how to drink from an automatic water trough! Emily’s trainer came to visit the new addition to their herd and was very exited about our (pardon their) SVMH boy… I am overwhelmed with joy to see how well our young Morgans travelled and adopt to their loving new owners.

IMG 6301 (1)

Thank you, Emily for giving Risen such a great place and exiting future - after all, you and I know that he is “Risen To Shine”! 


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