Starting Our Paddock Paradise


We decided to create a natural horse boarding facility in form of a so called "Paddock Paradise" track system on the perimeter of a 6 acre pasture in order to accomodate our future breeding program of Morgan horses. 

But long before that could happen we had a lot of things to accomplish! The very first thing we had to do even before the first two horses of our friend who will be our helper on the farm arrived, was to put up an electric fence on the inside of the already fenced around area, and let the horses try out the "track". It was wonderful to observe how they really made their own meandering path all around... It worked!

They started developing great muscles just in a few weeks time from having to go up and down on the hillside to find their food and water. We were placing salt and mineral block also deliberately a distance away to make them walk even more.

The idea is to keep them constantly on the move on the appr. 1 km perimeter track, which is what they would naturally do to seek out a water hole, go find the next pasture with grass to feed on, or visit other herds along the way, etc...

paddock terv

Here is an arial view with my initial drawing of our land on which we have started to develop a Paddock Paradise from scratch. As you see there are hardly any trees on our field to give any shade for the horses, except for the forest on the South-West side of the property, so part of our plan is to build a large run-in shed to provide shelter from really strong wind and incremental weather.

More details and pictures about that perhaps later in an upcoming posts...


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