A Day To Remember - Arrival

What a day it was - a day so long awaited, so many silent prayers said, so many hours planned, when it literally "dawned on me" that our Morgan mares all the way from the USA will show up in a huge trailer and set their foot first on our farm! That day arrived on the 3rd October 2015!    

Colors of ShannonVale

We had a host of friends waiting with us who arrived in the early in the morning well before sunrise and what a team it was! My husband - Jan, our farm help - Sanyi, and his wife - Éva with their son - Roli, and grandson - Milán, our friends - Péter and Andi,   with their daughters - Saci and Hanna, Móni - my horse trainer and Lili, the daughter of my horseman neighbor. I am so thankful for your presence, your help and the shared anticipation and joy of the day that marked the birth of ShannonVale Morgans! 

The truck of Horse Trans Cargo arrived still in pitch dark and stopped further out on the road because the tree branches were too low to drive under, so our welcoming committee ran out on the road as soon as we saw the light approaching...

My heart was beating so fast I could hardly control myself, and there they were, my beautiful girls: Fate, Windfall and Lottie!

Other than being obviously curious where they were, and finally being able to stretch a leg... without any issues we led them into our round pen with ad lib hay and fresh water waiting for them - and lots of hugs!

Arrival from the USA

I was thinking to myself how terribly exhausting it must for poor horses to stand in one place and balancing in a moving car for so many hours on the road - their muscles must feel stiff like wood... and sure enough I did not have to wait long to see them rolling in the sand stretching and scratching…

Arrival Windfall Fate

And then just rest... rest and sleep!

We were sitting around the round pen pretty much the whole day could not have enough watching them settle in and start feeding, drinking and just be left alone in peace!

Welcome to Europe, welcome home to ShannonVale!

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