Risen to Shine - aka Risen


(27.03.2016) buckskin colt - 
This foal is for sale only to the absolute best home!

Risen 2

We are extremely happy with our first beautiful foal, he is a breeder's dream! 

Risen was born at 22.30 on Resurrection Sunday, and was up on his feet within minutes trying his strong legs and nursing immediately - so in more than one way he is our "risen boy"... :)

Risen 1

He has a striking buckskin color and the eyes of his father. He is blessed with a very friendly, animated personality and the most athletic movement that he inherited from both parents.

I believe he is going to be a unique stallion prospect!

For his photo album from his first week, click on the picture below!

Dam: JMF Twist of Fate / AMHA No. 0170861

(2002, 14,3h) heterozygous black (Ee), with Beamington and Immortal Command in her bloodline just to name a few...

You find her pedigree here!

Sire: Amberfields Luminescence / AMHA No. 177512

(2007, 15,2h) double dilute, dapple creme metallic coat, green eyes, heavily Flyhawk bred, 99,2% foundation

You find his pedigree here!

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