2016 Foals / Sale

A breeding program is not fully launched until the first foals "hit the ground"... Well, it is with the greatest excitement that we now announce the following Morgan foals to be born on Hungarian soil and as such making history in the spring of 2016:

FOAL No.1 (27.03.2016) - Risen to Shine, aka Risen
buckskin colt

Fate and Lumi

Dam: JMF Twist of Fate / AMHA No. 0170861

(2002, 14,3h) heterozygous black (Ee), with Beamington and Immortal Command in her bloodline just to name a few...

You find her pedigree here!

Sire: Amberfields Luminescence / AMHA No. 177512

(2007, 15,2h) double dilute, dapple creme metallic coat, green eyes, heavily Flyhawk bred, 99,2% foundation

You find his pedigree here!

website ikon 2

FOAL No.2 (in May) -This foal might be a keeper...

Windfall and Newmoon

100% foundation, bred by Mossrose Morgans, USA
You can make an educated guess on the color of this one! Last time the very same breeding produced a beautiful chestnut colt, Mossrose Dark Knight!

Dam: Mossrose Windfall / AMHA No. 164402

(2004, 14,2h) dappled baroque palomino, Californio (Tio Lao x Sissey) granddaughter, 100% foundation

You find her pedigree here!

Sire: Whippoorwill Newmoon / AMHA No. 112243

(1988, 15,1h) dark bay, (EeAa) Grand National Open Reining Champion in 1994 & 1996, 100% foundation

You find his pedigree here!

Reserve your own colorful foal for 2017 now:

If your dream has been a colorful Morgan foal, then this is your opportunity to book it in advance! With our four mares and our cremello stallion we are guaranteed to throw color all the time: palomino, buckskin, smokey black, cremello of even possibly perlino is what you can choose from!

You can select a particular mare that you would like to have a foal from, or the foal's gender and / or color, and book it in advance to have the first choice by making a deposit of EUR 500. Reservations are made on the basis of "first come - first served". Prices will probably start at EUR 3.200, but will be determined after the foals are born. 

If we do not have the foal of your choice in the first year, your deposit will be passed onto the following year, and if within two years we are not able to give you the foal of your dream, we will refund your deposit. There's no risk.

If you are interested in purchasing or reserving any of our foals, or you have any questions regarding our future breeding plans, please contact us on the following link!


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